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Re: [RC] Feeding on the ground? - Don Huston

Ditto..feeding on the ground with ground level barrels. I also do not trim off any muzzle whiskers, they work like little rakes to lift the smallest bits of leftover hay to their lips so they get almost no dirt or sand while scouring the pen for leftovers.

At 07:24 AM 2/2/2007 Friday, you wrote:
I feed on the ground for the reasons you mentioned. I do put any type of grain in a small bucket just so that they don't have to sift through the dirt to get it. Wild horses don't eat grain--so they don't have that issue. BTW, my critters don't get much grain either. JMO                        Marirose
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Subject: [RC] Feeding on the ground?

I would like to ask people if feeding the horse on the ground with out a pan is a bad thing and why? I mean in the wild everything they eat is on the ground and is much more natural for them to eat with their head down in grazing position not high up. We feed grain....
Just something I've been thinking about!

Don Huston at cox dot net

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