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Re: [RC] limited pasture - Chipnml

In a message dated 1/29/2007 8:22:52 A.M. Central Standard Time, dragnin100@xxxxxxxxx writes:
I NEVER spread my manure.  And the pile that comes out of the barn.....gets hauled off to the cow pastures.  I am very particular about spreading worm eggs
From what I remember in the article, they said that dragging it enough so the manure is broken up,  then giving it a month for the grass to grow and nature to take its course through rain, etc, that the manure would break down to a point that parasites could not live in it.  They were keeping something like 6 hourses on around 3 or 4 acres (now I REALLY have to find that article!!) and didn't have any abnormally high parasite problem.  Dragging, mowing, and rotation were key components to doing this successfully.  I've heard of similar practices with cattle where they've kept them in small paddocks, but rotated frequently.  Instead of dragging it, the farmer had a mobile chicken coop he would haul in.  The chickens would scratch the manure apart looking for larvae and help to break it down and spread it around.