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Re: [RC] pupura hemorrhagica - D'Arcy Demianoff-Thompson

I don't know that this is the same as 'pigeon fever.' 
When Valaba got it her legs swelled up like elephants
legs.  Dr. Byerly explained that it was blood
collecting in her legs.  That her blood vessels were
bursting and hemorraging inside of her.  It was one of
the most awful things I have ever seen in my life.

There was a coincidental outbreak of distemper on a
facility down the road from us.  We suspect that was
the originating site of the bacteria that got into her
system (probably from flies - dairy cattle area) which
caused her difficulties.  At any rate I'd like to know
if Pidgeon Fever can lend itself to the same type of

--- Don Huston <donhuston@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Beth,
Your description also sounds like "pigeon fever"
also called "dryland 
distemper". From the vet manual, under Purpura
hemorrhagica, the 3rd 
link down, the photo from Dr. Thomas Lane, the horse
with filling 
under the chest and flank, we had several that
looked like that after 
a week or so along with the pussy bumps. My horses
never swelled up 
and got the "pigeon look" but they got lots of bumps
everywhere like 
hives but bigger that burst after a while and leaked
lots of pus X;{. 
The large filling underneath got very hard and never
burst and 
eventually went away. Some got Penn-G some didn't
and all got well 
eventually (some took 4-5 months until 100%) and the
scars from the 
bumps have all gone away. Pigeon fever (if that's
what your horse 
has) is very contagious. Good luck

At 11:38 AM 1/28/2007 Sunday, you wrote:
Purpura hemorrhagica of horses is a form of
purpura that often is a sequel of an earlier
Streptococcus equi 
respiratory infection; it is mediated by immune
complexes of 
antibody and streptococcal antigen in vascular
basement membranes.
(from the Merck Veterinary Manual) 

are 3 pictures on the site.

My friends coming 3 year old filly has been
diagnosed with purpura 
hemorrhagica.  She is being treated with a steroid
and a antibiotic, 
but just wondered if anyone on this list has
personal experiences 
with this disease that I could share with her.

At first, she thought it was hives, and began the
process of 
eliminating various possible allergens from her
environment one at a 
time, but as it progressed to oozing fluid filled
areas on her 
forelimbs, she went to the veterinarian.  At first
the treatment 
relieved some of the symptoms, but now it is
getting worse, with 
large areas of edema on her belly, flanks, vulva
etcetera.  The vet 
has had one other case like this, and is working
through the 
medication/treatment options and visiting daily at
this point.


Don Huston at cox dot net 

D'Arcy L. Demianoff-Thompson    



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Re: [RC] pupura hemorrhagica, Don Huston