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RE: [RC] pressure treated wood - Sheila A. Walsh

Dear Ridecamp,


I want to put up some wind/rain protection for my horses.  Something like a loafing shed or two; perhaps 10 x 12, three sided with a metal roof.  I see that Home Depot has pressure treated wood 4 x 4 in various lengths.  Have any of you put your horses next to pressure treated wood?  I have a gelding that I guess will eat it as he’s eaten everything made of wood in the past.  Will it make him sick? 






No hour of life is wasted, spent in the saddle.  "Churchill"

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My horse Bear and I crossed Swinging Bridge at Tevis this year...I just started walking across and he followed right behind me without hesitation.  It spooked me more than him...at first it didn't move much, then started quivering and giving a few little bounces...I stopped and grabbed the side for just a second, and Bear almost walked right over me...he was totally unphased by it.  If you act confident, the horse will be confident. 


Dawn Carrie, Texas

and Bear (keep movin', Mom...you're holding us up!)


On 11/27/07, edna leigh libby <redponyfarm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A trail riding friend of mine just saw a picture of
the hanging bridge that is crossed during the Tevis
ride. She is curious how one goes about training a
horse to cross a suspension bridge. She doesn't quite
buy my theory: that teams who ride the Tevis have been
so many miles together a horses trust level is enough
when asked to cross.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

Leigh Libby

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Re: [RC] [RC] Training to cross suspension bridge, Dawn Carrie