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Re: [RC] Beet pulp and cigarettes (now colics) - Barbara McCrary

When I got my first horse, in 1946, she was said to be 5.  One simply did not buy a horse over 8, because anything much beyond that was "over the hill."  I never even heard of worming a horse back then, nor floating teeth, nor vaccinations.  I think I must have fed her alfalfa, because we had a milk cow, and I'm fairly certain that's all we had for both.  I parted with her at 17, because she was blind in one eye and had severe ringbone in both front.  She had "moon blindness" (periodic ophthalmia) and the ringbone probably came from riding on paved roads much of the time.  Such changes in horse care since then....
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Sent: Monday, November 26, 2007 7:52 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Beet pulp and cigarettes (now colics)

I agree with Ed on this one.  From what I remember "back in the day", a 20 year old horse was old.  If you were looking to buy a horse, you didn't buy one much over 12, because they only had a few good years left in them.  

Horses got wormed once or maybe twice a year, had their teeth checked maybe every couple of years, and were hand-floated (no power tools or mouth speculums), and got straight alfalfa hay, maybe with some wheat bran once a week.


Re: [RC] Beet pulp and cigarettes (now colics), Beth Walker