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[RC] Girth galls, etc - Tx Trigger

Mike Lewis posted: >>>and finished with some girth galls that were more
severe than I've seen in the numerous LD rides I've done.  I'm riding with a
Bob Marshall saddle and a Professional's Choice SMX neoprene girth.  Same
stuff as always, and most of the time I've had only minor girth rubs.<<<

Mike, you should not have ANY girth galls. Minor or not. If I had gotten
them on a 25 miler, then I'd have guessed that if nothing had changed, I'd
still be getting them, only most likely worst, on a longer ride.

There is no one girth that will work on every single horse, even if some
folks think they will. But, there are some that are not as distance horse
friendly, and it sounds like you might have found it.  I've had horses who
were allergic to neoprene, and get huge swollen edemas after a ride, but
have some that the Neoprene is working excellent on. I've had horses pinched
from any string girth, as the horse had extra loose skin behind his
"elbows". He only did well in a leather girth, as he was also the one
allergic to neoprene.

When you saddle and girth the horse, do you lift the front legs up and out
in front of them to stretch the skin out from under the girth? Make sure it
is not set too far forward. Look at it after you have ridden a bit, and the
saddle settles in to it's sweet spot.

You may end up having a few girths around. Also, long winter hair,
especially if it is dirty will gum and ball up easier during the winter

But again, you should never have ANY girth rubs.


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