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RE: [SPAM] [RC] AERC president and denim jeans - heidi

I hope I'll be forgiven for telling this tale...  But I remember Bill 
Bentham telling this story around the campfire one night~~~

I remember riding with Bill back in "those days" but had never heard that great 
story...  Back then, one just did go right out and do 100s, because there was 
only one distance offered at each ride, and if it was a 100, that's what you 

I had ridden range all of my life, so likewise thought I was prepared.  My 
first ride was the Virginia City 100, back in 1973.  Of course, I wore 
bluejeans--that's what we had!  At least I was riding in my slick English 
saddle, so my butt was ok...  In my case, it was the KNEES...  I remember 
seeing all these people at the start with Ace bandages wrapped around their 
knees.  I remember thinking to myself, "What a bunch of dudes!  Don't they 
RIDE??"  Then, as the insides of my knees gradually turned into something 
resembling ground hamburger from rubbing against my English stirrup leathers 
and the seams of my bluejeans, my thought changed to, "Gee, what SMART people!  
They must really RIDE!"

But hey, we made it, with four hours to spare.  Crossing the finish line at the 
stroke of midnight was one of the highlights of my entire life, hamburger knees 
and all!  My horse felt great, like he could just go on forever, and I was SO 
GLAD to quit!



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