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[RC] Bump on Pastern - k s swigart

Karla Watson said:

Vet thought it looked like ringbone (she is only 9
and lightly started this year--she was a broodmare
prior) but upon x-rays showed it was not ringbone
or arthritus. Based on x-rays, the 2 vets felt it was
the result of an old injury and that some calcium
deposit had built up to protect it. It isn't in the
pastern joint at all, no sign of arthritus, and the
joint looks good.

If the bump on the pastern isn't anywhere near a joint (or anywhere
where a ligament can rub up against it), it comes under the heading of
cosmetic blemish.

I have a horse that has a bump on her pastern (and has since I met her
when she was 5, she is now 16).  She has done upwards of 1000 miles of
endurance and a couple hundred miles of RAT.  It hasn't changed in the
years I have known her and it has never caused any problems.

Horses get bumps on their bones all the time from dinging them on
things. As long as it isn't anywhere near any moving parts (i.e. it is
"non-articular"), this calcification has no measurable effect on

Orange County, Calif.

"Le meilleur que je sais les hommes le plus que j'aime mon
cheval."--Catherine the Great


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