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Re: [RC] [RC] foaming on easyboots without the heel strap - magnumsmom

I'm not the first to have done it, but I did exactly this on Blue's
rear hooves for the GSFTHR.  It worked great.  I cut the backs
all the way down and used duct tape just high enough around
the back to keep the foam in until it cured.  He has Epics in
the front, but his heels are still low enough in the back that the
heel strap bothers him.  (See Caja pull... cramping in rear by
1st vet check)  Since there were so many days (although we
only rode for 3) I decided that standard easyboots and foam
was the best thing to try.  One boot came off when his leg got
caught at the bridge.  The other came off at home when I took
it off. 

Recently we went out for a ride and I used Epics in the back,
but wrapped his heels twice around with duct tape and left the
strap really low.  That worked OK for 16 miles, but I'd like to
see more heel before I try Epics again in the rear at a ride. 

Some people cut the heel straps down too.  I've heard of people
taking the heel strap out of the Epics, but I can't afford to replace
gaiters so I haven't tried it. We destroyed one gaiter when Blue
stepped on a front boot while running up an arroyo flat out, and
another tore when he caught a front boot with a hind foot in deep
mud at a ride. 

After 4 days the foam came out of the boots and off his foot fairly
easily... although I thought I'd sworn off of foam for good. 

Kathy Myers 
in Santa Fe, NM

Kim wrote:

> Has anyone tried this?  Was it successful?
> Thank.
> Kim

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