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[RC] Weapons of choice - Lynn White

Some really good info on weapons, thanks.  Years ago I
worked for a state agency and had to do work alone in
an area that had a lot of crime.  The state agency
forbid weapons in state-owned vehicles, and my
supervisor would not allow me to bring my husband
along. Taking my personal rig to this area was out of
the question. This was a pretty scary place and people
were known to just disappear...so I packed heat under
my coat.  I figured it was better to be alive and
unemployed than dead.  Of course I was very careful
about where I went and assessed situations before
placing myself with people or going somewhere alone. 
But I had a "tool" in case things went awry.  Where I
live now I don't pack, just don't feel the need to.  I
can pretty much get cell phone coverage if I break
down or fall off my horse. Besides, firearms tend to
be quite unforgiving.  I have upon one occasion had
the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher on an
assailant.  Poor drunk bastard would be dead if I used
a gun on him...all be got was a shot of white powder
in his face that stung the heck out of his eyes. 
Having a big dog or a baseball bat are useful
deterrents too. One can also get some of those cans of
spray mace that park rangers use for bears. Using a
firearm on an assailant means that you WILL have
numerous hassles with the legal system, and you WILL
have to get a lawyer no matter what happened.  So
weigh your options and do what you are the most
comfortable with. 

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