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RE: [RC] Guns at ridecamp - Susan

On the carrying issue. Does anyone use an ankle holster over their boots?
Seems this would eliminate the potential injuries if you came off your
horse. And it would be easily accessible. I'd hate to think what would
happen if you had one on your back and that is the direction you came off. 

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Last time I looked, California law was that glove boxes were  
specifically a no-no.  Weapon has to be in a locked container,  
unloaded.  I think it also has to be in a different compartment;  
i.e.,  in the trunk of your car, but I would have to check on that.

On Nov 1, 2007, at 8:56 AM, Truman Prevatt wrote:

In Florida it is a "two move" law. It takes two moves before you  
can get it. For example if it is the glove box and is loaded that  
is only considered "one move" and would get you into a heap of  
trouble. If it is the glove box and unloaded, a locked glove box  
and loaded, in the glove box in a case loaded - those would be two  
moves and would be okay. Given the number of state troopers that  
have been shot in routine traffic stops in Florida - they are quite  
serious about enforcing that law. If you have a CCW, then if I  
remember correctly it has to be carried concealed in the auto, e.g.  
in the glove box, or concealed on your person but the two move rule  
does not apply.

I have a good friend that is a Supervisory Special Agent with the  
FBI. He tells me the FBI policy is - they could give a rats behind  
about who does or does not have a CCW or a handgun license. If they  
show up - everyone in the area of their control will be relieved of  
their firearms - resistance is a federal offense. As he says when  
they arrive, very quickly they are going to be the only people with  

When I carry a fire arm with me, it is in the LQ part of the  
trailer. That falls under the definition of "your home" so your  
rights are much more robust. That way I'll have it with me in case  
I have to shoot a runaway generator.

I learned a long time ago from a very good group of special ops  
guys that the best defensive weapon you have is your awareness of  
the situation. These guys were very good at getting a mission done  
without anyone ever knowing they were there - which was the only  
way the missions they were on could succeed. That's exactly how I  
approach the trail. It's quite easy on a horse to know well in  
advance if there is someone in the woods with you and it's quite  
easy to work your way around them if necessary. In fact you should  
know they are there before they even detect you are there.


Beth Walker wrote:
Don't get me started. I live in California, where the laws are  
written so that - unless you have a CCW permit - you cannot have a  
gun in your car that is at all accessible in an emergency. And of  
course, in my neck of the woods, it is very difficult to get a CCW  
permit. Nice catch-22.

On Nov 1, 2007, at 7:34 AM, Susan wrote:

You know, the gun may not be FOR ridecamp. We do have to get  
there and to get back home. Now days, it's not safe for anyone to  
be on the roads alone...male or female.

*/Kristi Schaaf <iluvdez@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:iluvdez@xxxxxxxxx>>/*  

    Mary wrote:
    this is more to have around the house and ridecamp.

    This just struck me as such a funny comment!! The way
    its written, it makes it sound like people actually
    specifically bring guns to ridecamp. Is this so? If
    so, why? To shoot the loose dogs? To shoot the loud
    generator? To shoot the person banging buckets at 3
    am? Or???


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Re: [RC] Guns at ridecamp, Beth Walker