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[RC] Question re: Heaters at rides - Mike Lewis

I was talking to a friend tonight who related a story from a SE region ride last year.
Bottom line is that a fistfight broke out because someone got tired of another person running a generator at about 2:00 in the morning.  It was 19 degrees outside from what I'm told, so I can understand why one would run a generator if they had an unfinished trailer with only electrical heat.
Couple of questions:
1.  Is there any chance AERC will ever allow the "no generators after 10:00pm rule" to slide?  Many of us do not have finished living quarters (some don't even have insulation) in our trailers and the only relatively SAFE heat is electrical heat.
2.  How do trailers with factory living quarters provide safe heat during the night?
Not trying to open a can of worms...  It just surprises me that the generator rule isn't loosened to allow folks to be comfortable on cold nights.  I have read several stories during each of the past few winters of riders who have died trying to keep warm with propane heaters in horse trailers on cold nights.  It is true that you have to toughen up (to a degree) when at a race, but I wonder if there's "wiggle room" on the generator rule, or if AERC has ever reconsidered this policy.
Incidentally, foam ear plugs work very effectively to mitigate generator noise (yeah, I've slept through the night on at least one ride where another rider's generator was left on all night!)  "Woke up" on race day (not ever having really slept) with ice on the uninsulated bracing of my trailer and condensation dripping from the ceiling...