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RE: [RC] Bey Shah temperament - Terry Banister

You are right, there does seem to be quite a few "BS" horses in endurance, but I don't know what the consensus would be on their temperament ~ unless perhaps that it is big like their bodies? My BS gelding is rather atypical of the "explosive" stereotype in that he is very calm, kind and sane (Khemosabi further back), but he still makes it very clear that he is nobody's slave! His barn name has become "Mr. Princess" because he is so high on opinion and low on work ethic. Ha! Lucky for me, he has decided that he likes endurance (so he can top-10 entirely bitless, but will quit if he is not having fun), military reenactments (including the cavalry charges, sword fights and cannonfire, as long as we stick close to our buddies and camp with plenty of treats), as well as parades in a sidesaddle (he struts very elegantly) ~ Lucky for him I enjoy interacting and negotiating rather than dominating.
He was a tall, plain skinny greenbroke 6-year-old backyard pet who had never done anything, but he was in my lowly price range, and because the lady cried when I said I wasn't in love, I wrote the check ~and cried the whole way home. I wanted my dream horse, and I ended up with him. Lucky for US I listened to the lady I bought him from who said he would be all that I wanted him to be ~ 
Lucky for you all there is one less BS horse on the market ~ for a long time.

From: sgooch@xxxxxxxxxx
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC] Bey Shah temperament
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 11:07:57 -0800

I'd love to see more discussion on "Bey Shah Temperament."  I have a Bey Shah mare.
With so many Bey Shah horses out there in endurance and other fields, too ... Is there a consensus on a "Bey Shah Temperament" ...?    Or would the discussion settle into  the "Nature vs. Nurture"  debate?         
...on a snowy weekend in northeastern California

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[RC] Bey Shah temperament, Sara Gooch