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Re: [RC] We ARE describing the SHAGYA! - sandydsa

Interesting thread - and I SO wish that AHA had a few bright board members on this list. They could learn a few things. Indeed, since AHA's primary purpose for existence WAS to manage the
paperwork" of purebred Arabians (but now has taken on IAHA as well and considers itself up to the task of managing many other breeds BRED to Arabians) it would be beneficial that they become well schooled in the real abilities of well bred Arabians. To us, in California, where property is such a commodity (read, expensive), we always felt that we could not and would not take on a horse who did not wear at least two hats - and so our horses ALL wear multiple hats - and wear them well. Our senior stall, in his youth, won many classes and chamionships in wester, hunt, over fences and halter, competed well in over fences dressage and earned a good record in endurance, sporting a 22 resting pulse (even now at 22 years OLD!), and 8" bone at 15 hands high. Our junior stallion who will have his coming out in2008 on the endurance trail has demonstrated competitive ability in both dressage and jumpers - IN OPEN COMPETITION, not usually the vene of purebred Arabians. But, chosen for sport AND temperament, as well as the well known versatility, it just makes sense to breed, buy and ride such horses - when having more than a few acres is cost-prohibitive. Heck, our 21 year old endurance mare who about yanked my arms off at Tejon a few weeks ago is still jumping clear at 2'9" and chasing cattle!

AHA has traditionally bragged about the Arabian as being the "versatile breed" - and in comparison, it truly is! Of course, they don't actually support that notion with our membership funding :) but the horses themselves DO demonstrate it in what rank and file owners have ben able to do with just ONE horse over the past 35 years or so that WE have been a part of the Arabian community. In the end, it has been shown that clearly, it is NOT necessary to go out and get a part bred to be competitive in multiple disciplines. It does however, mean that in today's breeding environment that one be VERY selective and KNOW what the heck they are looking at before buying or breeding - and THAT applies to partbred arabians as much as purebreds.

One thing remains true - the knowlegeable breeder is going to understand genetics well enough to be able to breed correctly to reproduce the best of a mare and stallion while eliminating to a degree the not so desirable characteristics - which can easily go awry in line breeding...but in the end can produce more predictability in breeding for what oen wants to evntually compete. In other words, don't run out and buy or breed to a Heinz 57 who has a championship in halter - if what you WANT is a quality jumper...probably not a good way to go.

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Subject: [RC]   We ARE describing the SHAGYA!


"Additionally, a really good endurance horse can cross disciplines
into just about anything and do a creditable job, even if he isn't at the top of the game. He can adapt to dressage, reining, racing (usually they do that first), jumping, driving, whatever--because they have the general ability to be overall athletes. Many top endurance horses do have other "careers"--either during off-seasons or at other times in their lives. They are survivalists, and tend to adapt to whatever they are asked." 

"If I were to breed her to a stallion to produce an endurance
horse, I would look for a stallion that passes on 1) good, solid disposition, 2) work ethic, 3) sound conformation and 4) athletic ability (getting down the trail efficiently"! 

Thanks to Kat & Kathy, yes, you are listing all of the good
characteristics that the Shagya breed already has been bred for and these 

traits have been set for over 200 years.   And, yes, unfortunately,
there are not enough Shagya in the U.S. to have a good presence in the
endurance world, but slowly they are winning admirers!  And now is a
perfect time to begin a breeding program, as I am certain this 

breed will finally have enough numbers to begin an impact upon the sport
horse world! 

I have a perfect prospect here at my farm. She is 1/4 Thoroughbred and
1/4 Arabian and half Shagya and reg. Anglo Shagya, which is 

a new breed recognized by the American Shagya Arabian Verband, Inc. She
is similar in her breeding to what the French are doing 

to produce their endurance prospects.  This coming 3 yr. old filly is
for sale--name-- DAVANI 





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[RC] We ARE describing the SHAGYA!, Donna Coss