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[RC] andalusian crosses - k s swigart

Donna DeYoung said:

Anyways, a top notch Spanish-TB-Arab would almost
have to be imported from Spain or created at great
expense from the better Spanish mares. Or at great
expense from a better Arabian mare. You just don't
see the top mares being bred to other breeds.

I cannot speak to the availability of quality Andalusian stallions
(although I suspect that semen could be gotten from just about anywhere
if you are willing to ship it); however, the quality (for endurance)
arabian or TB mares are easily come by in the US.  I once heard the
president of one of the German warmblood verbands say that one place
where the US has an advantage over European breeders is in the
availability of top quality TB mares.  In Europe, such horses are all
used to produce racing TBs whereas in the US they can be bought out of
feed lots for a few hundred dollars.

And with respect to arabian mares, much to the chagrin of the AHA, few
of them are being used to produce PB arabian foals (in some circles,
this is considered a crisis for the Arabian breed), and it is only (if
at all) the "show quality" ones that are used in consistent production
of foals.  No endurance rider in their right mind would use a "show
quality" arabian mare to produce an endurance foal.

You want to breed one for yourself, finding a mare (you could probably
lease one) and buying a stallion's semen wouldn't be all that hard.  Of
course, by the time you got the foal on the ground, you would probably
be about $12,000 into it.  Raising your own horse isn't a cheap way to
get one unless you take pleasure from raising the baby.

Orange County, Calif.
"Le meilleur que je sais les hommes le plus que j'aime mon
cheval."--Catherine the Great


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