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[RC] Pullers - rides2far

There > is not a word in any language to describe the way he  lugged: my

arms would > be shaking with exhaustion after the first loop. 

Your whole post described what Kaboot did to me his whole career. For the
last 2 years he's been retired and I mostly use him to pony new horses at
a walk, or hop on bareback at a walk. I couldn't believe what a nice calm
ride he is *at a walk*. Nice long stride, relaxed, ears up.  

Well, Saturday I had shoes put on him again for the first time in 2 years
because Gunner's got to have time off and Josie needs for me to be able
to train with her. I took him over to our old training course and KATY
BAR THE DOOR! I had forgotten what a maniac he is. There's a really long
ridge we used to run to the top of...but with Gunner & Cade we canter up
a ways, they say they need to break down to a trot, catch their breath,
then canter a little, then walk. Well, Kaboot takes off RUNNING, then
when he rounds the curve and there's more ridge ahead he acts *happy* and
runs faster!, then you take another curve and there's MORE hill and he's
*ecstatic*. Now he's running so hard all I'm picturing is him tumbling
and how many broken bones I'll get. He topped the ridge and instead of
stopping to blow there he made the turn leaning like a motor cycle and
ran to the end of that clear stretch before I got him hauled down. Josie
& Cade were right behind me and Josie just squealed and yelled out "I
I have half a mind to take him to a ride but I don't want to hear anyone
make fun of his belly.  For 12 years I moaned about him pulling my arms
out of their sockets, but one thing about it, you *never* felt guilty to
ask him to go. He always wanted to go faster & farther than you did.
Funny thing about his pulling. He never really developed a hard mouth.
Once he'd been 50 miles or so he was very responsive (so long as you
wanted to go 8-10 mph like he did). 


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