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Re: [RC] Vaccination reaction - Don Huston

Hello Rae,

I hope some vets have responded to you by now and if possible could you please post their recommendations to ridecamp so the rest of us can learn too.

I am not a vet but I have been giving my horses their shots for years now. Once is a great while one of the horses will show a slight reaction which IMHO will be a bump 1.5" dia or smaller. So far I have never had to deal with a serious reaction but I do have Epinefrin in the fridge. After the shot I always place the palm of my hand over the injection site and press and rub for 20-30 sec then I hand walk the horse up to 30 min if it was a 20cc PennG shot.

If they were my horses I would make sure that they got lots of movement and make sure their necks are not so sore that they cannot get their noses down to eat and drink. We had a boarder who's horse got such a sore neck that we had to put the hay and water up chest high for a week. The horse recovered just fine.

Don Huston

At 02:00 PM 10/14/2007 Sunday, you wrote:

Two of my mares received their vaccinations on Friday and now they both have a huge swollen area on the neck where the shot was given.  I?ve never experienced this before with shots ? any suggestions as to what I should do?


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[RC] Vaccination reaction, Rae