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Re: [RC] Water tank for trailer - Sisu West Ranch

"....and think that it's wet around the connection to where the hose fits in.
Does anyone know where to get replacement parts, or fix this or do you just buy a new one?..."
The plastic water tanks, farm or RV I have seen have screw thread connections that are NPT (national pipe tapered).  Some makers will use metal pipe nipples for the connection.  Bad news!  The reason is that plastic will expand and contract more with changes from hot to cold than metal.  If the connection does not leak in the summer, the plastic will contract in the winter and put more strain on the plastic than it should have.  After a few years of this the plastic cracks.
The usual solution is to buy a new tank, and change to plastic fitting with a rubber gasket.  These are available at farm stores (for use on agricultural sprayers) or RV dealers (but not as many sizes).
If you are really cheap you may be able to repair a cracked plastic tank.  The procedure would be: 1. Drill a small hole (say 1/8") at the end of each crack this relieves the stress.  2. Use a Dremmel tool to make each crack into a "U" shape.  You do not have to go all the way through, just half way or so.  3. Use a hobby hot glue gun to fill the holes and cracks.  3. Then switch to a gasketed plastic fitting.  Note: this will not work if, as usual, the cracks go through the threads in the outlet boss on the tank.
Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
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[RC] Water tank for trailer, Susith