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[RC] Which fetlock boots? - sherman

Sonny also used to interfere in the back when I first used boots on him as well as with his one & only set of shoes. I did 2 50s and then lots of conditioning with boots on very rocky technical trails, using the fetlock boots for protection. I couldn’t find the fetlock boots tacking up the morning of Tevis. He did get one little ding by the time we reached Francisco’s, 84 miles. I think he is just carrying himself better.


I was in a hurry to get fetlock boots after getting his shoes on and then realizing he was interfering pretty badly, so I quickly bought a pair of Roma brand for $17. I didn’t like the way they felt (to me), but they have been great for Sonny...when I can find them (:>)





This may well end up being the case.  My gelding Bear used to interfere in the back (without Easy boots) for the first year or so, and I used fetlock boots on him.  Then one ride I forgot to put them on, and noticed afterward that he hadn't dinged himself.  I haven't used them since, and he's no longer interferring, now that he's fit and carrying himself better.  I *do* use fetlock boots in the back and/or splint boots in the front (depending on which feet have E-boots) whenever I put Easy Boots on him, however, to prevent him dinging himself with the boots...just in case.  He doesn't wear E-boots often, since we don't do many rocky rides, so doesn't really have much chance to get used to them.


Dawn Carrie