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[RC] Off topic - tell me about Oregon! - Marlene Moss

Ok, as we deal with the sweltering heat, my thoughts turn to where I want to live next.  This is anywhere from a 1-4 year plan, but I like having goals!


We currently live in CO, which I love, but this place is lower in elevation than I’d prefer and although our winters are nice, the 90-100 degree summer is driving me nuts.  If I stay in Colorado, I’m thinking about the Salida area.  But I’ve been thinking off and on about Oregon for a long time.  I got to visit Southern Oregon several years ago when I bought a horse and really enjoyed it.


So here is what I am looking for in an area, so if someone would like to tell me if there are areas in Oregon that fit (privately is fine so we don’t clutter the list), I’d sure appreciate it.


Mountains must be visible (unless we’re in them!).  No more than a few days of 90+ temps.  I don’t mind a lot of snow in the winter, but I need to be in a place that I can do some decent miles from my property and would prefer to be able to ride nearly year round (I don’t mind riding in snow, but do like at least 32 degrees and/or sunshine).  I’d be somewhat interested in a property where I could grow my own hay on part of it.  We currently run a boarding facility (45-55 horses) and I wouldn’t mind doing a smaller version of that in the future, either something already set up, or starting from scratch if it made sense in the particular area.  Basically I’d like the property to have some potential to earn it’s keep – right now board completely covers our mortgage, which is really nice.  So I probably need a minimum of 20 acres, but more is always better and I’d like at least 40-75.  Being next to BLM or NF would be ideal!


I’d prefer no covenants (I hate asking permission to build a fence, even if the answer is usually yes).


And of course the biggest requirement is within 4 hours to 4-6 rides and maybe within 8 hours of Steph’s Idaho rides, would be awesome.  We don’t need to be really close to an urban center (maybe just close enough that someone has/will put up high speed internet towers, I’d let someone put one on my property!) so that hubby can do his remote web development jobs.  Otherwise I guess we’d have to deal with satellite again.


We’re pretty handy and can create most any structure that we’d need (would love to have a separate house for my mom though!), so I don’t mind – and would enjoy – old ranches that need repair.  Price range probably needs to be less than $600 and $400’s would be preferable (which I know will be tough).


I’m open to other areas too (sorry, nothing east of CO, the weird 50+% humidity here this year is too much for me!), so please offer any suggestions.  I’d like to chat with someone about possible areas to keep an eye on, and learn if there are things that I should look out for that aren’t obvious to non-locals.   




Marlene Moss

Saddle Fitting - www.KineticEquineAnalysis.com

Boarding/Training - www.LosPinos-CO.com