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Re: [RC] Horse Abuse in Malaysia - oddfarm

Tom , whenever I questioned what happens to these endurance horses that are
sold for big bucks overseas, because it seems we never hear from them again,
I was told I didn't have a clue. Even when these horses "retire" they go to
the TajMaStalls farms. Didn't you know that? Big time racers know more about
endurance than we do, (so I am told) so they must take excellent care of
their horses. (sarcasm folks)

Unless you are a true horseman or woman, (and there are many in the
endurance world) the value of a horse is usually measured only in money. How
much can be made off them or how much they can be sold for. Unfortunately,
they don't always hold their "value". So then what happens to them? Even in other countries where horses and mules are relied on for revenue and transportation, no matter how poor the area is, it seems these animals are disposable. While the owners may do their best to care for and feed them, the government couldn't care less if that is happening or not.

The best thing anyone can do whenever they spot animal abuse is to speak up, speak LOUDLY and keep it up until someone listens. It may take a day or two, or a year. Getting the media involved is one of the best starters of such conversation :)

The biggest problem I have seen with horse abuse and neglect is the lack of compassion from OTHER horse people, especially those who PROFIT from horses. If a stable owner reports a boarder, he loses money. If the feed delivery company reports anything, they could lose that account. I know that vets have seen some horrific situations and never said a word. I don't get it. It is all about money. The disease is rampant throughout the world.

I have been involved in confiscating horses from "well known and well respected in the community" types of individuals and guess what? They are the worst. To them, animals are PROPERTY, to do with whatever they want to. It is nobody's business. Then to top it off, they hire a lawyer. Didn't want to pay for feed and care for the horses, but WILL pay for an attorney to clear their "good name".

I am doing what I can in my own community trying to make a difference as well as my support group. The vet and farrier I use and my home girls who offer and take in foster horses all step up to the plate when I make that call. That is what people need to do. Take action. It also helps to have a known organization such as the SPCA or The Human Society involved because they are the ones to get the ducks lined up so that when everyone goes before the Judge, justice is served. It is NOT easy, but it is do-able.

After reading Dr. Nik's post, it appears that maybe the wheels are starting to turn. I would encourage everyone around the globe to write, call,e-mail, fax and continue to keep this situation in the forefront until it is resolved. It won't happen overnight.

You can only do, what you can do, and that is all you can do. I have had to learn that I can't save them all. So if I can make it better for just a few, that is all I can do.

Lisa Salas, The Odd faRm

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Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2007 11:11 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Horse Abuse in Malaysia

Angie, in one of our Private posts an Aussie said...."Gee...I'm gobsmacked
at the lack of interest on RC....I had expected more of the free thinking
of the RC membership....absolutely amazing....But there is a disease in
Australia Endurance...and its called money."

This is the way we are viewed from afar.  That disease called 'money' is
the reason this is being stonewalled here and there.


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To: <goearth@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2007 9:22 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Horse Abuse in Malaysia

The Aussies are amazed the Amerikans don't find this a big deal.
I have photos of a horse that someone said they never seen a horse
that skinny and when i post to RC that i have them how many
responses do i get?  1

Tom, I think you're being a little hard on RC. You posted links to the sites when you made your original post, so there really wasn't a reason for them to have to reply to you personally to go see the photos as I did, and I'm sure many of them did. It was sickening, and soo sad. It's one thing to see starved horses (bad enough) but to see a horse that you can *tell* was an excellent endurance horse before starvation really hits home. I couldn't quit thinking about that bay. If anyone on the Aussie list can figure out who that horse is I think he could be the poster child to raise awareness.

As for the Aussies...They seem to be closer to the situation. Apparently
they have sold quite a few horses to Malaysia and considered it a viable
market. Maybe I'm just out of the loop, but I've never heard of any
American horse going to Malaysia so who can we mobilize to stop anyone
from selling to them?

I would think that this situation has done Peter Toft's reputation no
good to be listed as that stable's official trainer and if he's got an
excuse for that he should put it out there and defend his reputation.

Oh yeah, and lest people think I grossly exaggerated how much I was
offered for Kaboot...a year's salary for me back then wasn't what most of
your "year's salary" would be. >g< However, it was a good chunk. I'll
admit there's been times when I wondered if I did the right thing, but
after those photos I will NEVER doubt that decision again.

I would guess that many countries planned to lease horses in Malaysia for
the WEC. I'm sure not all 70 horses on this farm look like the ones in
the photos. My guess is there's the elite "competition" string and the
ones who become lame or for whatever reason cannot compete any more end
up on the "starve them down to the point that tourists can handle them"
string.  I think word needs to go out to any country considering leasing
to see that they boycott that farm.



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Re: [RC] Horse Abuse in Malaysia, Tom Sites