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RE: [RC] Speaking of beet pulp... - Alan Kay - Susan E. Garlinghouse, DVM

>Also, yes, electrolyes the eve before & morning of the ride are appropriate. Some >riders feel that the electrolyting should begin Thursday nite for a Saturday ride, >others say there’s no need to start that early since it’ll be flushed out if the excess >isn’t needed the way it is on ride day.


The reasoning for e’lyting for several days before a ride isn’t so much for actual supplementation of the electrolytes themselves, as it is for increasing plasma sodium levels a bit, which in turn stimulates the thirst response and encourages good water intake (as does forage intake, a good reason to stand them knee deep in hay the week before a ride).  Just a way to help increase hydration before trailering and before the ride so that hopefully they don’t start out with less than a full water tank.  But yes, they will pee out the excess.  There’s no need to use the fancy-shmancy endurance-formulated elytes before the ride, just some salt mixed into yogurt or applesauce will do fine for the purpose.  J


Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

[RC] Speaking of beet pulp... - Alan Kay, sherman