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Re: [RC] Men, Women, and Fear - rides2far

Spiders are my one fear.  Snakes, even rattlesnakes don't bother me.  

Someone saying "Horsefly on your back" ...that's my fear. Right between
the shoulder blades where you can't get to them!  Today we tried to do a
long ride on the Longstreet's Charge trail. The vote on my ride poll so
far is about 3 to 1 for the more rugged low fluff ride (proud of you guys
staying tough), so I was picturing it through all of your eyes as to why
you so enjoy this trail I'm so sick of. >g<  I rode through *many* 
*many* spider webs (Josie's horse likes to follow). I wore them on my
face, draped back from my helmet, sticking on my fingers, etc.  Then I
spotted a big rattlesnake laying across the trail (first Josie had ever
seen). Had to get off and pitch rocks at him for a while to get him to
scoot over enough to let us pass.  So what got me?  I'm guessing a
horsefly bit the side of my knee (they tend to get me there). My knee has
swollen up like never before!  It's HUGE! I can barely walk, it throbs,
and there's a hot swollen area about 6" long down the side of my
extremely elephentitis looking knee (now I know my legs *could* look

So..it wasn't the rattlesnake. It wasn't the 50 spiders dangling from my
visor...it was the horsefly!  

Oh yeah...there's one much bigger fear. It's August and we ran into a
bunch of trail riders and they said the dreaded word for the first time
this year..."Did ya'll hit any yellow jackets?"  Ugh! 



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