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Subject: [RC] easyboots - Dream Weaver

If there are gaiters on the boot, how do you tell if the foot is all the way
to the bottom? Is it supposed to sound like "thwump thwump" when he walks?
Can I leave easyboots on him in the pasture tomorrow? I figured I'd leave
them on for a couple of hours tonight to let the antibiotics get in there
and do some good.  But can I put them on him tomorrow and turn him out? I'll
leave him in the small pasture so if he yanks one, I can find it later.
How long can you leave an easyboot on?  They seem good and tight. I had to
use my foot to close it.

Hi Juli - Here is a photo of my horse in a boot.

What are your horses hoof measurements and what size boot are you using? 

This might also help, it's a video of Pete Ramey putting an Epic on Clinton Anderson's horse:  http://www.easycareinc.com/education/videos.aspx  Top right. 

As far as how long can you leave them on - that will depend entirely on the horse.  Dave Rabe had a horse with an abscess who was turned out in pasture and wore an Epic for six weeks.  He said that there was no problems whatsoever from rubbing or anything else from leaving the boot on for that long and it was great that the horses hoof was kept clean and protected during that time. 

You'll probably want to take yours off each day or two to check and see how things look.  If the other stuff you are trying doesn't work, try spraying iodine into the frog crevices every couple of days.