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[RC] easyboots - sherman

It sound like the boots might be too big. They should be a bit difficult to put on, especially the first couple of times. The boot should be pretty snug. Every time I’ve heard the “thwump thwump” noise, it’s meant the boots don’t fit. Even with a gaiter, a boot that is too big will twist and flop & come off. AND, the toe tends to get dragged, wearing a hole in it pretty quickly. I’ve left a horse booted for about a week when she had an abcess. I removed the boot daily & soaked the hoof in an iodine solution then packed the hoof with Icthamol, wrapped it, duct taped it & put the boot on.

Just curious as to why you use penicillin in the hoof instead of Thrusbuster or Kopertox. Doesn’t penicillin have to be used for at least 5 days or the bacteria will get  stronger?



About 2 or 3 months ago, I bought a pair of easyboot epics, size one.   Tonight when I cleaned Alpine’s feet, he has a Nasty case of thrush in his right front.  He’s always been prone to it, and two days ago the foot was fine.  However, it rained two days in a row.  With him, that’ll do it.  The thrush is way deep in the heel, and has caused some nasty pits.  He’s sore from it and just a hair off.  I figured the foot should stay as dry as possible, so that’s where the easyboots came into play.


I’ve never actually taken the time to put them on, but I did read the literature that came with them, and Karen’s website.  They went on almost too easy.  I cleaned out both feet, and put procaine penicillin on both also, just for good measure.  On the bad foot, I soaked a piece of gauze in the penicillin, stuck it in the holes in his frog, and then wrapped the foot in vet wrap.  The boot went on top of it. 

If there are gaiters on the boot, how do you tell if the foot is all the way to the bottom? Is it supposed to sound like “thwump thwump” when he walks?  Can I leave easyboots on him in the pasture tomorrow? I figured I’d leave them on for a couple of hours tonight to let the antibiotics get in there and do some good.  But can I put them on him tomorrow and turn him out? I’ll leave him in the small pasture so if he yanks one, I can find it later.   How long can you leave an easyboot on?  They seem good and tight. I had to use my foot to close it.


Thanks for the boot help….


Juli and Alpine (who’s foot stinks right now)