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RE: [RC] Jeremy's crew mistake - Becki Jackson

Wow, having seen that road for myself, I can imagine that it was a big
safety issue.  It sure scared this flatland girl last year when I drove a
rented mini-van there to crew for the Reg. 6 riders.

Thanks for telling us what the problem was.  I agree that the Committee did
the right thing.


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From: Ranelle Rubin [mailto:raneller@xxxxxxx] 
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 11:26 AM
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Subject: Jeremy's crew mistake

What they did specifically violated the rules in the crew guidelines, caused

a safety issue, the Forest Service to get involved, (which by the way 
jeapordizes all of our right to participate in this awesome ride) and from 
what I hear they were pretty nasty to the folks who called them on the 
violation. The Cup Committee did the right thing by adhering to the rules, 
and acting accordingly. When you drive into Robinson as a crew member, you 
have a pass on the vehicle with your rider's # posted. This insures that 
violators are identified. When you crew, it is your responsibility to know 
the rules and abide by them and any request of the ride officials and 

If any of you have not been to the Robinson Flat vet check, the road in 
there is narrow with a steep drop off into a deep canyon on the right side. 
In order to accommodate crews into this place, they have a "drop off and go"

situation where you follow a pace car in, quickly drop of your gear, then go

back and park your vehicle on the uphill side of the road. It is one way 
traffic just like a construction zone. They went around the pace car, and 
caused the shuttle bus to have to stop, and the Forest Service got involved 
in the mess. FWIW, the WSTF has to pay $10K for a permit to even go through 
this area, so the Forest Service watches us like a hawk. To my knowledge, 
The Western States Ride is the only ride who still can go through a 
Wilderness area like this.

Jeremy's apologetic and humble attitude is what allowed him to keep his 
well-deserved win. He is a gentleman and a horseman. His crew should be 
ashamed of themselves.

Ranelle Rubin, Business Consultant
Independent Dynamite Distributor

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From: "Carla Richardson" <richardson.carla@xxxxxxxxx>
To: "Becki Jackson" <beckij@xxxxxxx>
CC: "Ridecamp@Endurance. Net" <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, horsesctr 
Subject: Re: [RC]   [CTR] Tevis articles in Auburn Journal
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 09:51:09 -0600

I don't know what they did specifically, I'm sure they're feeling pretty
badly right now.  Could have been a simple mistake, but the Committee takes
the rules violations very seriously, as they really have to do in a ride of
this size, and with the really crowded access roads.  I think the road into
Robinson is one of the worst in terms of traffic and manuverability, so the
crew may not have had to do "much" to violate the traffic rules.

I thought Jeremy Reynolds was very gracious in what he said, and he thanked
the Committee for allowing his win to stand.  I gather they could have
stripped him of his win also.  That would have really been sad!

Carla Richardson

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[RC] Jeremy's crew mistake, Ranelle Rubin