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Re: [RC] The proper way to wear a helmet - Beth Walker

Hmmm. ?I might be one of the riders with 'loosely adjusted chin straps'. ? I usually adjust it so that I can tuck my head to look down without strangling myself. ?:) ?That usually means a couple of fingers width between my chin and the chin strap. ?If I snug down the chin strap, it interferes with my breathing - which is kind of important. ?:)

On the other hand, my helmet fits snug enough that it doesn't move -- or, at least, I don't ?think it does. ?The last time I hit the dirt with my head, I replaced my helmet with a new one - just in case there was hidden damage.

On Jul 26, 2007, at 3:42 PM, Karen Lynd wrote:

I am glad the subject of helmets is being discussed.? When my gelding was green I crashed more than a few times, and one time I broke my helmet all the way down the back.? A rider who was quite a ways behind me told me they heard my head hit.? I didn't even have a headache, although I did hurt my lower back.??You won't find me riding without a helmet.?
I am always happy to see riders wearing helmets.? However, I have noticed that many riders do not tightly adjust the chin strap on their helmets.? Instead, the strap is hanging several fingers and sometimes a hand width below their "throat latch".? While I am happy to see AERC using pictures of helmeted riders, it always distresses me when I see pictures of top riders with their chin straps loosely adjusted.? I?think this sends a poor message.? I know when I've hit the dirt, I feel my helmet slide a little as I roll, even when it is adjusted snugly.? I now wear a Tipperary, so maybe it won't move as much, but I still adjust the chin strap snugly.? I fail to understand how a helmet will work when it is not strapped securely on the object it is supposed to be protecting.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this or a good article or study on helmet fit that I could reference?? Thanks!
Karen Lynd?

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[RC] The proper way to wear a helmet, Karen Lynd