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Re: [RC] [RC] Pacing, Angie - Maryben Stover

My spotted saddle horse gaits, paces and trots at different times.  He gets going in that pace and can fly and I find it comfortable.  You do rock from side to side but you get in the rhythm of it...mb

On 7/17/07, appleg8 <rackinfool@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 Do ya'll just dislike the
pace because it's not as smooth as the singlefoot? Is it worse than a
trot? Am I the only one who ever read "Oklahoma Pacer" in their school


Angie, you need to ride a pace to see just how terrible it is on your body. Yes a trot is far better to ride than a pace. You can't post a pace so you are flung from side to side like being on a boat on high seas! It is rough as hell, torture really.
It is a lazy gait for the horse and one I have yet to see any horse get out of. Also the pace is not an acceptable gait for any gaited horse. In walkers they used the standardbreds as foundation horses, twenty two to be exact and their pace in developing the gaited walkers way back when. You can breed pace to trot and mix in a whole lot of things and eventually you get our nice walking horses. In the Big Lick they want pace back in there and they breed that back into them now for that high lift front end action that they covet so much. That is what is ruining the current TWH horse and we are having so much pacing blood in the new horses. One reason, the main reason I won't buy walkers from the southern states.
The line of walking horses that Truman and Karen Sullivan own and myself are horses that were bred out in Montana and for decades were worked on ranches running cattle, packing and diligently bred for this use. They went to Canada as well and continued their hard work and selective breeding. These are the horses I buy and look for when brokering for people. These are the horses that are doing so well in our sport against our arab counterparts.  All gait....no pace!
I would go back to riding arabs before I would ever ride a pace. It ain't a purdy ride or sight.

[RC] Pacing, Angie, appleg8