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[RC] [RC] Cure for Staph infection - Erica DeVoti

Personally, I'd prefer anti biotics over the horse stuff as the horse stuff is not usually approved for human use (better antibiotics than cancer?)  however, if she hasn't ever had antibiotics one wouldn't know if she were allergic or not, so I would be careful to make sure there wasn't a reaction.
My son just had a staph infection which looked pretty nasty--you don't want it to spread to the bloodstream--he is now on antibiotics for it and it started looking better w/in taking two pills.  My brother also had poison ivy/oak which ended up getting infected and had to go on antibiotics for it also.  Better safe than sorry.  But I'm sure there are others w/ other opinions (I know a guy who has taken bute his whole life and swears by it instead of aspirin and he is still alive and kicking at 45! :>)
If you want you could draw a circle w/ a pen around the redness of her infection and if it streaks out of that or grows outside of the pen marks, you would know to get her on the pills right away.
Hope this helps--it's always scary when it's your baby (horse or human!).
Erica DeVoti
Mtn Region