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[RC] Sensation saddle - L gin

Well, I demoed one, and then ordered-- I can hardly wait till it gets here. I want to get restarted, but my other saddle doesn't have enough rocker and really didn't fit us well-- several problems I'd lived with. I demoed Bob Marshall,Barefoot Cheyenne,Freeform and finally the Hybrid.
My problem is I have a shortback CMK type arab, I have a long thigh and take a 16 seat western or 18 english. I like western security, but like the freedom , size and riding style of english.
I found I need my leg forward to fit my thigh and be able to shorten and fold my leg ( only way I can ride a barrel on 4 legs).
I demoed the Extra large seat which equals an 18"-- (I am 5"6 average build and weight).
Also all saddles hurt my fanny--
It was very, very comfortable, my horse seemed freer in the shoulder and I had no trouble posting. ( I did with the BM for some reason). Seemed pretty secure-- felt too locked in in the BM, and too up there on the Freeform--Cheynne - I was too in between sizes and the pommal and cantle didn't seem secure enough for trail, also 'drowned' my horse.
I like that you can move the stirrup postion, and the "hard use" connection seemed to be just perfect for my leg and position.
And there are 'way too many color choices'-- took me a week to decide. I did demo the hybrid with a dressage cantle and am getting that instead of the hybrid cantle as it was 4" and the hybrid cantle would shorten the seat--- which was perfect size for us.
I have only demoed it in the arena--- was looking for fit--- wouldn't know how it preforms on trail till I get it, but we are restarting..... I am going to get the Skito inserts and make my own pads , as I want several and just move the inserts in and out of the pockets I put on them.
Really nice saddle-- and light--- can carry it in one hand.----Not recommended for riders over 200 lbs.



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