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Re: [RC] For Ladies Only - Barbara McCrary

Great story. Death Valley must have some sort of curse, because the worst case of rubbing I ever had occurred on that ride. The culprit was the saddle, the horse I was riding and the dry, cold air. Rough horse, saddle with a too-narrow twist. I won't describe the injury, but White's A & D ointment got me through all 5 days. If I ever have the misfortune to repeat a similar injury, I'll have to try Trail-Rite Magic Ointment.


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OK - here is my story about rubbing

Death Valley 2005 - I was riding the 2nd day which included hiking down this LONG mountain. My underwear had been rubbing all day. What I thought was just the regular seam doing some rubbing was actually a small piece of the elastic had worn through and started rubbing, like a thin piece of fishing line. About a mile from the vet check I looked at my husband and told him that these things just HAD to come off, they were killing me. Oh to hell with a knife I just tore and ripped them off and put them in my jacket pocket. Of course while I'm standing in line for the vet I accidentally pulled them out, oops.... Well I get back on my horse and that little rubbing had actually been a pretty nasty deep cut. My husband takes off trotting and I'm just about to die behind him.

Well, long storty short - we finished and I crawl into the camper and tried to figure out what to put on this delicate area. Because I was riding the next day no matter what. Ummm, desitin, Neosporin with pain killer......So my husband says - "Hey what about Tammy Robinson's ointment?" So I put some on with the thought that if my crotch gets a rash or something just exactly HOW am I going to explain this to a doctor in the ER? I mean if this goes bad they could probably film an entire episode of the show ER just based on my crotch....."Well, doc it's like this - I put this stuff on that we use on horses for scratches. Doc says "what are scratches?" Oh - they are this this crusty, scabby, painful thing........Oh never mind - can you fix this so I can ride?"

I have to admit - Tammy's stuff did the trick. Killed the pain, helped heal it up really quick and I finished the last 2 days of Death Valley. Trail-Rite Magic Ointment - it's not just for scatches anymore :-)

Liz Masters  (who wears different underwear without elastic in that area)
PS Region


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[RC] For Ladies Only, Liz Masters