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[RC] Groin injury question - horse not human - Karen Everhart

My 32 year old soul-mate did not come up for breakfast today.  We found her standing in the pasture unable/unwilling to move.  I could find no evidence of internal stress or illness or external injury.  Nothing.  The only thing evident was that she refused to weight bear on her right hind.  With palpation at the stifle/gaskin area I could stimulate guarding and obvious pain.  I administered Bute, waited about 30 - 40 minutes and tried in vain to get her to walk.  Let me just say that she is in an area that we cannot access by truck/trailer due to 3 inches of rain last night.  So, I knew for treatment she would need to travel about 1/8 mile in mud and muck, up some rises and through rocks to get to the nearest area where we might be able to get a trailer.
So, after discussion with my Vet, we agreed to administer 10 cc of Banamine about an hour after the Bute to see if we could relieve her pain enough to get her moving.  No luck.
So, the afternoon and evening passed with her not moving.  We transported food, water and hay as well as placed a large sun tent over her for shade and basically spent our day minding her needs.  Se is bright, alert and involved but WILL NOT MOVE!
After a very busy day, our Vet arrived.  We administered a heavy dose of IV analgesic for pain relief and took an x-ray.  She had to return to the clinic for development but called to say that no fracture was visible from the stifle up midway to the hip.
So now we are suspecting a groin injury.........and though I have seen lots in my years of horse management, this is not an area where I have any expertise.  Again, we cannot move her.  She would have to be extradited by helicopter until we have 3-4 days of dry weather.
What I am looking for is anyone with any experience with adductor strains/pulls who would be willing to share their personal experience.  Please feel free to email me privately at rainbowmeadowsranch@xxxxxxxxx so we can keep the list uncluttered.
Karen Everhart MEd
Rainbow Meadows Rescue and Retirement, Inc.
Owner/Operator Horse Calls - Equine Management Solutions
Centered Riding Instructor
Distance Horse Conditioning and Training