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RE: [RC] Shoes and slipping - Rae

Some asphalt gets a sealant on it - this stuff is very slippery to shod
horses, while unsealed asphalt is not.  I've got several driveways to cross
on my way to the creek and it's easy to tell the sealed ones and I'll swerve
out into the unsealed road to avoid them.

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One popular ride around here is to ride about 10 to 15 miles through the 
forest to a small town restaurant for breakfast. There is about a half 
mile walk from where you come out of the woods to the restaurant to down 
a paved road. The road is not busy - you seldom see a vehicle. On my old 
walking horse mare, I would usually just ride her down the road at a 
walk but sometime we would gait. One day I meet up with my endurance 
buddies on their Arabs and we head up. I just trot on out of the woods 
and down the road. They start yelling. I turn around and their horses 
are slipping and sliding around on the pavement. I stop, they get off 
and lead their horses down the side of the road. I stay on and walk on 

When I rode the Jbird there the first time, he came on the pavement and 
it was like ice skating - so I got off pretty quickly.

I think a lot of how a horse handles slick footing is a function of the 
horse. The old mare had very quick feet, a quiet upper body was 
extremely sure footed in slick going. She was almost like a ballerina in 
tough footing, from pavement to mud uphill, downhill or on the flat. She 
always kept her balance and her center of gravity (even with a rider 
aboard) in balance. She had an amazing talent for doing that.

I've ridden a lot of horses in my few years on this earth and have never 
ridden one that was good at that as she was.



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Re: [RC] Shoes and slipping, Truman Prevatt