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[RC] Quivering horse - sherman

Does a horse quivering, after a moderately hard ride, on a fairly warm
day, point to any specific problem? The horse eats & drinks well,
duing and after the rides. He's previously done several 50s over the
past 2 years, and a couple of months ago a 100, almost always top 10
just because he's tall & has a big ground covering stride. Currently
he's being ridden slower (by me, I'm not his owner) and just the past
2 rides of 30 & 24 miles has started the quivering.

According to his owner, after the 100, he was just a little stiff
after the ride and the next day. Other than that he's always been
fine, no lameness or metabolic issues ever. He does get vitamins & a
selenium supplement, no grain, lots of hay, irrigated pasture on a
hillside where he runs up & down all the time. Since I had a horse
tie-up recently, I'm worried that this quivering might be pointing to
a tie-up coming on, especially since he was "a little stiff" after a ride.

His owner is going get his blood checked, but even if it doesn't show
anything abnormal, I'm still leery of riding him in competition now.
What do you think?Anyone else have a horse that does this?