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[RC] Riding a wet horse - Cynthia Eliason

 I usually just lurk here, I am not an endurance rider but there's a lot I 
can learn from you!   Now I have a question and it seems as if the endurance 
people would be the best people to ask.  
  I'm trying to ride every day, even if it's only for half an hour or so; I'm 
working on my confidence after getting hurt and really need all the saddle 
time I can get.  I don't go very far or very fast, it's only about being on 
the horse and getting to feel as safe there as I used to.  
  Rain has been keeping me indoors but the horses are out grazing in the rain 
and they're wet.  Now the rain has slowed to a light mist and I guess if I 
want to go and ride in the rain I won't melt...  but will it hurt my horse's 
skin if I saddle him and ride when he's wet?   I'd just go and do it if he'd 
been indoors and I could saddle him dry, then go out in the rain.  But I've 
never saddled a wet horse before and am wondering if there might be a problem 
with that.   I figured that people training for endurance probably need their 
training miles even in unfavorable weather and you'd be more likely to know 
about this than anyone else I could ask.  

 I just looked at the forecast and it looks like we won't be drying out any 
time soon, I'm either going to ride a wet horse  or not ride at all for the 
next few days.   The horses have run-in sheds but there's noplace I can make 
them stay inside to get dry.  

Cindy Eliason
wanting to play in the puddles in
Whitefield, NH 


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