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Re: [RC] [RC] renegade hoof boots - Raven

don't think the epics are hard to get on at all. Not even a little
hard. I have a pair of epics with the clip UP position

What is the trick to working the new Easy Up buckle?  I have a hard
time getting it UP. I like the older buckles cuz I can step it down.

. Ive heard the renegades fall off all the time...and don't last
.......don't know for sure though because I havnt been able to get
them. I am a bare trimmer. The Renegades are VERY expensive

HAHA! Well...on that note, I lost a brand new (hours old) Easy Care
boot last Friday in the Root River, that was very frustrating to know
that $50.00 just floated down the river. Yes, they had no gaiters, as
they were pre 2005 style. My tack shop does not sell Epics.

Anywho...one of my concerns with the Renegades is that the only thing
keeping the cable tight and the boots on are two (2) velcor straps.
IMHO...that did not look secure or tight enough to keep the boot on.

My trimmer is selling the Renegades at $150.00 + shipping. A few weeks
ago I ordered Epics and they were $170.00 that price included

Lucy & Molly, the Girl Doggies
Huginn, the American Ice Pony
Dixie Chick, the Barn Goddess

Respect ALL Earthlings. We are all animals of this planet. We are all creatures.


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[RC] renegade hoof boots, Amy Major
Re: [RC] renegade hoof boots, Patty P