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RE: [RC] Ready to Pay Ransom - Paul Sidio

I am sorry for your loss, but feel better myself now. I had a Paranoia Attack hit me at Biltmore, but now I see it was justified.  (Is it paranoia if they really are out to get you?:)
We got there early Thursday, and set out my minimal crewing stuff in a great location. Being a trusting idiot, I never went back to check it right before the ride. That morning, when the the rain started, I got to the starting line late, and never checked my stuff.  When I came in from the first loop, guess what? Yep my stuff was gone.. I spent about 15 minutes leading my horse and wandering around the tent city until I found it dumped off in the back.  I would have reclaimed my spot If I  could have known exactly where I had left my stuff before, ( I could tell within 20-30 feet, but all grassy meadow looks pretty much alike.  and once it is covered with people and tents it is hard to get survey like accuracy.)  I guess they figured with my small amount of crewing supplies, I didn't need a good spot as bad as they did.  Heck none of the spots were bad, it was just that you had to weave through the rows to get to the back.
My thinking is maybe for the next ride, I will bring some old non-working appliances and busted tires. Maybe somebody will haul them off for me?:)
Paul N. Sidio
Spokane MO