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[RC] treeless - oneilannie1994

I posted earlier but it never showed up so here goes again. I know this topic has been discused to death and I have been in the archives but I need to know more.
I have tried many different treed saddles on my 13 yr old arab. He has a longish back, good withers with a pretty broad back,and after having owned him for 4 yrs has gone from an under weight 800 to 1100 big boy. He has gotten sore in the shoulders and I have been able to take care of that with saddle changes but he has some conic type soreness in the loin area. I have had complete vet evaluation done on him and his hocks are fusing. The left almost completely and the right still has a way to go, so I know this can cause back pain, but I feel alot of his back problems are do to saddle fit and how the saddle fits me and my riding. i would like to try a barefoot saddle. i do slow 50's and do a lot of posting and 2 point riding, but I also walk a lot on a ride is this harder on the back in a treeless? Also my horse is extremely prone to galling, can these saddle be ridden in a fairly loose cinch? Do they slip a lot. I am a feather weight rider so I am sure that helps but I would appreciate any insight on using a treeless and doing endurance.

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