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RE: [RC] [RC] RC RC:Thanks Leonard - Leonard.Liesens

Title: RE: [RC] RC RC:Thanks Leonard

that's a good abstract of the EL debate, Nik.

But EL is just one of the top of the iceberg.

We do :

1. have a team spirit with common training and preservation of the good horses and veterinarian follow-up
2. we train hard, harder than in the US, not to say in Malaysia
3. we practise 'canter training'
4. France has a long story of endurance horse breeding, developping lineages specialized in endurance. The whole process is supported by the government (state stallions, young horses endurance selection (4,5,6 finalized by the Compiegne young horse championship). Breeders receive incentive to campaign their young horses which produce the champions that you later see  
in Championships
5. We do FEI since the beginning of endurance, which means high competitive rides
6. France has now a few dozen of professional endurance riders... this is not a hobby anymore... compare that with showjumpers (Lansink, Pessoa, Wathelet, etc...). Look at the FEI world ranking and count the number of 'frenchies' in the top 30

That's a lot

Leonard, Belgium

RE: [RC] [RC] RC RC:Thanks Leonard, Nik Isahak Abdullah