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RE: [RC] RC RC:Thanks Leonard - Leonard.Liesens

Title: RE: RC RC:Thanks Leonard

Brussels, Belgium... not Amsterdam.

With El, I just don't know what would be the best in Malaysia. Just guessing and giving an answer would be ridiculous. You guys there should try to launch some tests.

Example : weighting horses before and after events (80 or 120K)
trying a few without EL and the others with El (but please calculate the total amount administered otherwise simply saying that you give EL make no sense if the horse receives just lets say 3 doses of P&W for the whole race).
trying isotonic EL (in the drinking water)
callculating the quantity drank by the horse (not that difficult, counting the number of movments of the (sorry forgot the english name), but you understand what I mean.

I can just tell that our horse at the Terengganu rides didn't receive very much of EL, not the huge amounts that I sometimes see administered in the US. They got the Foran Refuel that I think (I have to check) is very low in terms of raw EL.

What I would like to see anyway are horses from Europe, Australia, UAE being shipped, staying 3 weeks in quarantine and competing in Malaysia. That would be a test!

best regards, Nick

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From: Nik Isahak Abdullah [mailto:drnikisahak@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tue 1/9/2007 1:18 AM
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RC RC:Thanks Leonard

Hi Leonard ,
   Bruce Weary may be right about the probability of you being found
'wondering' somewhere in a Brussel alley [ or was it ?Amsterdam ,he meant ]
almost brain depleted for touching on the EL thing .My version .
  I know you would await more statistical data before you actually put your
'foot in the mouth ' but after your recent ride ride in Lembah Bidong in
Terengganu ,Malaysia what is is your gut feeling about EL.Let me put it in
another way ,how would you advice your other Belgium colleagues about EL
usage in Tropical rides .Some vets here are doing small studies involving
collation of electrolytes data from endurance horses completing small
endurance training ride I was invovled in last weekend but I think the study
is too small and lack science in the 1st place for any conclusion to be made
.M ainly palsma electrolyte results  may be normal  because intracellular
electrolulte depletion is not easily measurable .My current practice was a
lot of EL before but now with rides mainly starting in the cooler evenings
and nights correcting and preempting dehydration more important than the EL
issue .No hard science nor statistics here ,just gut feeling .The French
position may be right .But here in KL there is no danger in "sleeping with
the enemy" as well .

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Windows Live Search. http://www.live.com/?searchonly=true&mkt=en-my Try it

[RC] RC RC:Thanks Leonard, Nik Isahak Abdullah