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[RC] Rushcreek - Tx Trigger

Bernice Kalland in So. CA had Rushcreek Magi (AKA Mouse). She raced him from 85 through 90, 24 starts, 24 finishes. 22 top 10's, with 7 wins. I had the pleasure to borrow Mouse to do some trail marking for a ride I was managing, and I will never forget that trot. He floated along, but was SO fast, yet effortless. I had never felt such power with a horse. He had a calm easy going personality. Bernice then came and rode safety / drag on our CTR, and even though the slower pace was not what he was used to, and certainly was not used to following behind every horse on the trail, he was laid back and did his job as asked.  After knowing Mouse, my husband always wanted a Rushcreek horse.
We had the privilege to tour Rushcreek in 2001 during XP2001. Had a private tour with the manager, drove out into the pastures and met the stallions they had at that time. Each stallion had a pasture, and each had a band of mares. Viewed some of the offspring they had in the pens. They had stood a stallion the year or two before, that they were not happy with his get, so they stopped using him.  They seemed to really want to keep the quality up to the standard they were known for in good working horses. And if a stallion did not produce that, they stopped using him for breeding.
In 2003 we got Rushcreek Gambler, and actually got to ride him on a day of XP2004 that went on the Rushcreek ranch. All the ranch folks came by to visit with him in camp, and joked about him wearing a blanket (it was raining). They do enjoy hearing how their horses are doing after they leave the ranch. I would say Gambler is not a typical Rushcreek horse in some ways from other RC horses we have seen, in that he has smallish feet, not as broad as many others. His personality is quirky, and he is not as laid back and easy going as we would have expected. But, his recoveries are to die for. If I could only clone those. He'd drop to 48 pulse almost upon arrival at the vet checks at Tevis. Has a big floaty trot when he wants to. These days he does not have to do much, but be a good boy when my husband has time to ride.
Looking at the photos Steph took, I still see that wonderful bone and substance in their horses.  Oh, and if you look up records on them, often they are entered as RC and the name, not always Rushcreek spelled out.
Jonni in TX