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Re: [RC] [RC] Luxuries - Dr Q - Carla Richardson

Get lots of insurance on him, especially if he builds an experimental plane (that's what those kits are...) and... please take my advice, don't fly with him.  I lost a good friend who crashed his experimental plane, two days after I'd flown in it with him.  He'd been flying that plane for about 10 years and was a very good pilot.
Sorry I'm cynical about planes, but I've lost 3 people to flying accidents.
Carla Richardson

On 5/4/07, Sharon Levasseur <sharon1359@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yep, must be the multiple horses.  I have one horse and one saddle, and NO
barn... just three trees and a post wrapped in mill felt (product of
paper-making) that keeps the wind out and slows the rain coming in.  Hubby
drives a 7yo car, I drive an 8yo truck, and my 10yo stock trailer is getting
rusty.  We're nowhere near wealthy... the thought makes me laugh.  The profits
from my side business just barely cover the essentials of horse ownership.  Yet
he's decided that my horse hobby is expensive and taking up a lot of my time...
so in response he took up golf ($) and FLYING ($$).  Now that he's a pilot he
and his buddy are talking about buying a kit to build a 2-person airplane.  In
the garage.  That's where I have my crossties, so I told him I want a barn

Sorry... sore subject right now...
Sharon L. in Maine
(shameless plug... I need sales coming in to pay for gas and go to rides!)

Quoting Jay Randle < splendacrest@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Dr Q mentioned the following luxuries:
> "Manicure/pedicure, movie rentals, alcoholic beverages, dining out, multiple
> saddles, multiple horses, multiple trailers, barns, vacations, gambling,
> lottery tickets, junk food, jewelry, expensive toys, Disneyland, golf,
> cosmetic surgeries, car washes, big screen TVs, tattoos, season tickets."
> I admit to having multiple saddles and multiple horses, and I have 1 (over
> 100 year old) barn, but how on earth does ANYONE with multiple horses have
> any of the other items on this list?  I last 'dined out' about 3 years ago,
> there's no water here to wash cars (in fact we are on such severe water
> restrictions that car washing is one of the things that is illegal now!), I
> went to Disneyland in 1984, and I last ate junk food about 8 months ago.
> All of the other items on this list are just dreams.....
> Must be those multiple horses that are causing all my problems!
> Best regards
> Jay Randle
> www.freewebs.com/splendacrest
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Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net, http://www.endurance.net.
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[RC] Luxuries - Dr Q, Jay Randle
Re: [RC] Luxuries - Dr Q, Sharon Levasseur