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Re: [RC] Easyboot Custom - Patty P

You can ONLY order the custom boots online at the easy care web site. It is the ONLY way to get the custom boots. They are not "carried" because they are custom made.
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Date: 5/2/2007 2:33:04 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Easyboot Custom
I did call them and they couldn't give me a reason. They just said that is the way it is. If a vendor carries their products I should be able to get any of them that I want without being held hostage by paying full msrp. This is a little different issue than the other day.

Tx Trigger <txtrigger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I think this subject was beat to death recently here on Ridecamp.
Maybe you should just call Easycare direct and ask them then, instead of
hashing it out on this list. It was only my guess, using the system, and
seeing how the system of ordering worked. Here is their number.

By Phone

I have no affiliation to them except I have about 20 of their boots.


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From: geckogal85>>>But that is competing with the vendors. I thought
companies weren't allowed to do that.?<<<

Tx Trigger wrote:
>>>Tried to place an order yesterday for the Easyboot custom through Action
Rider. They said even though it is an easycare product that they cannot get
it. Does anyone know why? I was hoping to save a little money on them by
buying them through a vendor.<<<

The Custom boots are shipped direct from the factory. I was one of the test
clients, to place an order, and see how long it took them to make them, and
ship them. My guess, and this is ONLY a guess, that they might not be
available through a vendor because of the order going direct to the
manufacturer, and then being shipped direct. Might need easycare to kind of
keep an eye on the order closely. But again, this was only a guess.

Oh, and the boots arrived from the factory, exactly as I ordered them within
2 weeks of my order. I think closer to a week.

Jonni in TX


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