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Re: [RC] [RC] Help please... dark urine! (Update) - Sharon Levasseur

I broke into a fresh hay bale this morning, and added water and loose salt to
his grain ration.  I will add loose salt and water to his feed for the next few
days.  He's got a stream running through his paddock, so I can't measure his
water intake unless I somehow lock him into his run-in shed... which would be
hard to do safely, given the way it's constructed.

I'll be taking him out this afternoon for a slow ride on different trails to see
if his attitude is better.  I'll keep him out long enough (and offer water
enough times) to try to get him to pee.

Thanks all,
-Sharon L.

Quoting Patti <deserthorses@xxxxxxxxx>:

I'd still err on the side of caution and agree with Don's advice - can't
hurt to see if "fresh" feed makes a difference.
But your description does sound a bit dehydrated - urine is often cloudy
when the stream starts but normally clears as the bladder empties.
Also, if his ration is pretty high calcium/low phorsphorus he could be
eliminating more calcium than usual and horses tend to crystalize calcium in
their urine (more, for example, than people do) which could cloud it a
Doesn't hurt to measure his water intake for a few days (i.e. if he drinks
from a waterer, turn it off and water him from a tank so you know he's
getting at least 5-10 gal on cool days, more when working. Adding 1-2 ounces
of loose salt (approx 4 teaspoons to 3 Tablespoons) to his feed can also
help encourage drinking.

Patti K
Vail AZ

The vet's office called me back first thing this morning.  I gave them all
info I gave you... actually sent the same email to them... and the vet
said not
to worry unless the urine is the color of port wine.  Especially
that his behavior is normal in every other way.  I wanted to double check
answer so I called the local endurance vet ... used to be Zephyr's regular
until we moved ... and he said the same thing.  SOOOO I'll just keep an
eye on

Thanks for your input everyone!
-Sharon L. in Maine


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[RC] [RC] Help please... dark urine! (Update), Patti