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RE: [RC] [RC] Ride Photographers - Rae

3 day?  Am I in such a post-ride fog that I lost a day?  <g?


Tall C Arabians - Central Region
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Yes, photographers need to hit a good balance.  With large rides, it's easier, since there are lots of riders who will likely buy photos.  The photographer who photgraphs many Texas rides, and (IMO) takes *by far* the best photos of any of the ride photographers whom I've seen in TX, is John Adame.  He shoots photos on trail in the morning, gets them developed locally, and then has the prints right there in camp that afternoon and at the ride meeting.  He sells them for $5 each.  My husband and I usually buy $20-30 worth (we both ride).  He shot the 3-day ride I managed this past weekend, and I heard lots of favorable comments about his photos...I only had a chance to see a few of them, as I was running to and fro, but as always, they were wonderful.


Keep in mind with gas prices going up, it costs more for a photgrapher to get to more distant rides, and if that distant ride is rather small, he may not even recoup his gas money.  John's wife sometimes rides, so he has an additional reason for attending some rides.  We're very fortunate to have him.  :)


Dawn Carrie


On 5/1/07, Michelle Aquilino <michelle.antoinette@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Pricing is a huge factor in what you get in return.  Price too high, and you might get more on each individual sale, but you'll get less sales.  Price low, and you would get less on each individual sale, but more sales.  The key is finding the balance between the two.  The point is that there are at least 5-8 pictures from my last ride that I'd like to buy, but at $10-15 a picture, there's no way I'd buy them all, I might buy just one.  If they were $5 a picture, I'd certainly buy at least 5, or at least $25 worth. 

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