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[RC] Ride Photographers - Michelle Aquilino

Ok, I'm sending one more email, because I realized where my problem probably originates.  I totally agree with reimbursing the person for their time, their costs, and their talent.  The prices usually aren't that bad for one picture (though when compared to competition, $15 is a little steep), it's when you want more than one that it can get crazy, and it is definitely appreciated when you get a discount for buying multiple pictures.
Pricing is a huge factor in what you get in return.  Price too high, and you might get more on each individual sale, but you'll get less sales.  Price low, and you would get less on each individual sale, but more sales.  The key is finding the balance between the two.  The point is that there are at least 5-8 pictures from my last ride that I'd like to buy, but at $10-15 a picture, there's no way I'd buy them all, I might buy just one.  If they were $5 a picture, I'd certainly buy at least 5, or at least $25 worth.  In this case, for me, it would be to the photographer's advantage for them to be $5.  Now considering the amount the website takes, that's probably why the price is so high.  But again, it would be to the photographer's advantage to email me the pictures I want directly, forget the whole website, ha ha.
I think to college when people would put on photo shows in the art department.  They would put up ridiculous prices for their work, and MAYBE sell one or two.  My friend put on a photo show of his own, had more reasonable prices, and sold a ton (and I mean a TON), certainly making significantly more from the photo show than the other people.  I just find it interesting (I loved my microeconomics class in college, can you tell?  ha ha)... what's more important, sharing your work or trying to increase the value by increasing the price?
Once the day is over, your time and money have been spent, the pictures have been taken, the more people you can convince to buy your pictures, the more money you'll make.  It's all about the balance...  I'm a customer willing to spend $25-30 on pictures, the goal of the photographer I would think, would be to find a way to get me to SPEND that $25-30, because the money has been spent, and it's all about reimbursement.  But right now, I'm not spending it...
Again, I mean no disrespect, I'm just putting the thought out there for people to think about, and if there are any ride photographers out there reading this, for them to see a customer's perspective.

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