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RE: [RC] Poll Time: Imported vs domestic - Smith, Dave

I’m a great believer in the old adage that “you get what you pay for” whether it is domestic or foreign produced.  In general, there is a reason why a product is sold at a “discount.”  Usually that reason is that it was made from cheaper materials.  Cheaper materials usually don’t last as long so a discounted item often is not a bargain.  On the other hand, I also an a firm believer in a free and open marketplace.  If the best buy (for me) is a foreign product, that’s the one I’ll buy.  It is up to the American manufacturer to provide me with as good a deal.  If all options are the same, I would likely “buy American.”  But I refuse to subsidize shoddy products or poor pricing simply because they are American.


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Subject: [RC] Poll Time: Imported vs domestic


With the current political climate, how does the RC gang feels about products made abroad vs homemade in the good ol' USA?

Do you think the quality of a product would sway your opinion or is it all about price?

I purchased a discount pad and was thrilled at my savings until the stitching came apart.  I contacted the company and I was told that they were not responsible for "excessive wear and tear"  I don't think one day long trail ride seems excessive.  Suddenly my savings doesn't seem so great.  Anyone have any similar experience?


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[RC] Poll Time: Imported vs domestic, Bob Fletcher