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[RC] Horse's first 100! - sherman

Sure, there are riders that will take a horse that has done few or no 50s in a 100 mile ride, but they have done their conditioning and training with that goal in mind. They are training for 100 and then they do it. Sort of like the riders who skip LD and go directly to 50s. If that’s what you’ve conditioned for, then your horse should be ready.  However, the riders I’ve heard of that did this are themselves experienced in the 100 mile distances. I’m sure that makes a difference in that they know how to condition for the 100 and they know if the horse is ready, so it’s not a guessing game for them. If your mare has already done 4 years of competition, she may well be ready for a 100 after a couple more 50s, and if you throw in that 75, you’ll really have a good idea of her fitness level.




 Have a 9 y.o. mare. She's completed 2 50's many many miles of tough LD's and CTR. Doing a 50 this weekend and then either a 50 or 75 next month. Contemplating trying the OD 100.


I've read from many folks that is speed that will hurt the horse and not the distance.


I know of many people that barely do any 50's in preparation of a 100. John crandell's horse that was at a 100 this winter only completed 1 50 before his first 100 and heraldic 3 50's before Tevis.


 This will be her 4th year in competition. Just completed a really hot and tough 30-35 mile CTR with only 30 minutes at 1/2 way hold. Ride time was around 5 hrs. I think. Just about every horse was overtime. The last 5 miles she zoomed. She finally woke up! I think she'll do great on the longer distances. I know all horses are different just trying to get some more opinions.