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Re: [RC] Horse's first 100! - Patty P

When I think about how an athlete trains for an event, like long distance runners, I shutter at the thought of just going out and running 50 miles after only training for 5's. I know my muscles and ligaments would not be built up enough and I would likely cause some damage, quite possibly permanent damage. Yes, some people have done it, and have survived to tell about it...but personally, Id rather train slower knowing that research has proven that it is the best and safest way to keep from hurting your horse. What would the purpose be of going against research? Just to save yourself a couple years of training so you can see if you can do it without ruining your horse? It is not worth the risk in my opinion.
"The Horse: Here is nobility without conceit; friendship without envy; beauty without vanity; Where grace is laced with muscle, and strength by gentleness confined. There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent; there is nothing so quick, nothing more patient. A willing servant, yet no slave." --Ronald Ducan, Poet
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Date: 4/24/2007 12:12:00 PM
Subject: [RC] Horse's first 100!
Have a 9 y.o. mare. She's completed 2 50's many many miles of tough LD's and CTR. Doing a 50 this weekend and then either a 50 or 75 next month. Contemplating trying the OD 100.
I've read from many folks that is speed that will hurt the horse and not the distance.
I know of many people that barely do any 50's in preparation of a 100. John crandell's horse that was at a 100 this winter only completed 1 50 before his first 100 and heraldic 3 50's before Tevis.
 This will be her 4th year in competition. Just completed a really hot and tough 30-35 mile CTR with only 30 minutes at 1/2 way hold. Ride time was around 5 hrs. I think. Just about every horse was overtime. The last 5 miles she zoomed. She finally woke up! I think she'll do great on the longer distances. I know all horses are different just trying to get some more opinions.
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[RC] Horse's first 100!, Thekids18049