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RE: [RC] GPS - Smith, Dave

Kathy, et al:  We parked our trailers at the “Lower Quarry Trail” parking area which, I understand, is the Hwy. 49 crossing point.  We then rode the “Lower Quarry” trail and immediately were confronted with a sign stating it is 7.1 mi to Poverty Bar.  When we got to Poverty Bar, the river was flowing too fast to venture a crossing (besides, there is no way my young mustang, Hermano, will cross that river without a lot of work getting him to do so.)  Therefore we turned from the river and got back on the trail and continued for about another mile.  Since it was getting a bit late we turned and retraced out route.  As we turned back, we checked the GPS and it stated we had traveled 6.1 miles.  When we arrived back at the trailers, it stated we had gone a total of 12.2 miles.  According to the signage, along with our estimate of distance past Poverty Bar, we estimate we had gone about 15.5 to 16 miles – a pretty significant discrepancy.  I will follow the advice to reset the check points, etc.  Obviously I am very GPS challenged.  BTW,. I just purchased the “Legend” from Circuit City and thought it was latest technology, not early stuff.  Shows you how much I know. --Dave


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I’m a bit confused.  When you are traveling to Auburn  from Poverty Bar after crossing the river, the next stop is Lower Quarry, then you travel along the Quarry Rd to Hwy 49. I don’t see how the “River Crossing up to the Hwy” and another 2 miles fit in there.


The Tevis Trail Map shows Poverty Bar river crossing to the Quarry as 5 miles, then only another 2 miles to No Hands Bridge, which is on the other side of Hwy 49.




I have never ridden the trail you just rode (pulled at Francisco's) but Tom Noll made a GPS track of Tevis 2006 and I have some distances for you. Hwy49 to Lower Quarry = 1.3mi. Lower Quarry to Poverty Bar (River Crossing) = 4.8mi. River Crossing up to the Hwy = 2.0mi. If that is what you rode then the posted mileage is correct...8.1mi.

[RC] GPS, sherman